Happy BIrthday Paul

Today is Pauls Birthday and we were looking for somewhere nice to go that we havnt tried yet, and Paul wanted some Beef Sashimi, so we ended up at Yoshihachi, now i’ve heard good and bad things about Yoshihachi everything from very americanized, to best sushi on the island, its true that when you walk in you notice things like the waitstaff speaks broken english, they have english menu’s and the condiments are labeled in english at the table, some may think americanized is a negative aspect, but me not so much, if they want to cater to the americans, and make it easier for those of us who are still learning the ins and outs of Okinawa, what is wrong with that? 

We were actually lucky enough to sit at the bar and watch Mr. Yoshi Maekewa himself make some of our dishes. we had a tuna roll set that came with 8 pieces of sushi, an Alaskan Roll (salmon, onion, and cream cheese), Beef Sashimi (yum!), a softshell crab roll,  and the final most frightening thing of all Blowfish- FUGU– a very tasty but dangerous fish to eat. while it is yet unknown to me if this is the BEST on the island it was really good for the money we paid. 
after dinner we came home and started a movie but decided bed time sounded much more appealing, so here i lay in bed writing about my day falling asleep at the keys. Overall i think Paul had a good birthday. i got him a hand held drill, a remote for the PS3 and a Alton Brown Cook book, okay that last one was sort of for me. but we had fun, and thats what is most important, i think this weekend we are going to try for snorkeling. and i am sitting for Stacy while she has her Triathalon on Sunday. but thats about all my excitement this week.
P.S. please check out the links if you are my family and visiting here in the next three years,(MOM) because i will be taking you to this place, it was that great!

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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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