Gyms on the Island

This week they are adding AC to the cardio room at my gym on Courtney. so i am out a gym, well a cardio room until next week.
So i started exploring the gyms, went to Risner on Saturday, wasnt very clean, the juice bar was neat, didnt try it but the idea is cool, not sure if the juices are really healthy or not. but i dont know if i will ever go there again, the cardio/weight room was hot and dingy, i expected it to be super nice and state of the art since it was AF every AF gym ive ever been to has been amazing. i wanted to shower before i even worked out.

yesterday i checked out Hansen, not so bad, it was all free weights and cardio, the cardio stuff was okay, still not as nice as Courtney, but it was clean, i dont do free weighs though so i was a little disappointed, and it was full of those ‘mirror bunnies’ that so many of you spoke of.

perhaps i am biased but i think i will stick to Courtney, it may not have a juice bar, or an attached pool but its clean, cleaner than the two closest choices for me.


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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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