afternoon in kin-ville

Husband and i went to Kin yesterday and did some shopping, i needed a basket for shoes and i wanted to check out teh san-a up there (mall) i finally got some pictures of these fences that i have wanted to share forever, here you see what is part of the fence that wraps around the construction area. all i can think is with these they are saying ‘ theres nothing to see here, no construction, just a green pasture with some cows’. 

we also were daring and tried some fun juices from the vending machine. mine was kiwi.

Paul got this mango drink.
neither were very good. 
*please ignore my poorly painted nails, i’m lazy

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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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One Response to afternoon in kin-ville

  1. I’m laughing about the drinks. When we first got here I made the mistake of buying something to drink when I had no idea what it was. It ended up being something with chunks of jello in it. Wierd. Seriously. We have to be more careful don’t we? 🙂

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