okay this is from memory because i sort of made it up-
cover bottom of dish with enchalada sauce, then corn tortillas, then some cheese then some diced shallots(or onions) then tortilla again, cheese and shallot, a little more sauce then tortilla, and onion, one last cover with sauce then cover with cheese. and bake at 350-375 until cheese is melted and sauce is bubbleing around the edges. about 30 min. cheese should be slightly browned. let cool about 10 min before serving.

i used shallots because they have a milder flavor and i dont really like onions. for the big dish i used i think 3.5 or 4 cans of enchilada sauce, for a smaller (9×9) dish i would say 2 cans of sauce, the cheese use as much as you want, when i made them for paul the other night i used alot of cheese so because he loves cheese. but they were alot soggier. i would also suggest drinking mucho margaritas while cooking because that makes them taste better 🙂


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