apperantly i cant do anything right

i dont think i ever mentioned my experience at the nail salon getting a pedi while i was in tucson, my feet were in bad shape, we’d been on the road for three weeks, and i was living in flipflops, my feet were dry and just not cute. so the woman made me swear up and down i wouldnt let that happen again, i needed to take care of my feet, i have pretty feet i just need to treat them nice so they stay that way. but the woman scolded me for the way i treat my feet.
so fast forward to a few days later, i am told again, by someone else in the beauty world that my hair would be so much nicer if i did this, and stoped doing that, okay lemmie just say i am hopelessly addicted to pony tails, now that my hair has gotten a bit longer i can get it up with a pencil again or a hair stick, but i will still always love my pony tail, as i was told ponys are bad for your hair, they cause weak spots and breaking.
and now today. i go to get my uni brow waxed, i am a strict plucker, i used to pluck every night, pluck until there wasnt a sight of a stray hair. my brows looked okay, not perfect but they were always maintained. a few weeks ago i gave up on plucking, i decided that this may be something i leave up to someone who knows what they are doing, besides waxing lasts way longer. so i go in, and the woman tells me my thin bushy stray eyebrows make me look old, i should let them grow in and she will make them pretty. now one brow is thicker than the other, so she waxes it clean, the other she cleans up the lower part with twezers and waxes my unibrow, again i am scolded for plucking and asked not to tuch my brows for a month, then come back to see her. so now i look super weird with two different brows, wich i guess i looked like before they were just both super bushy and uneven, now they are just sort of bushy and still uneven until my right grows back so i can have thicker brows and not look so old,


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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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