a few things

i am sorry i forgot to share, but Taco-San is out of prison, he’s been home since we got into the house last week, or was it two weeks ago….. shit this lockdown is getting to me. 
and speaking of lockdown, yeah were stuck on base because a few Marines and one Soldier made some bad decisions over the last few weekends, so we are all being punished, all SOFA status personnel (that means everyone here who is american and on any sort of orders, Civilian, Military, DOD) are all enjoying our period of reflection which entails not being allowed in town, we can drive from one base to another, but we cannot stop anywhere inbetween, no dinner, no shopping, no nothing. we cant even go for a jog off base.
 i have heard that there was a couple that was caught off base having dinner and they were given 48 hours go get there asses off the island, now i dont know if its true, or partly true. but regardless Paul and i are taking this seriously. 
now its not a HUGE deal to us, we dont know what we are missing, we just got here three weeks ago, but it does make for long days and nights knowing you cant go out in town. and now i am not getting any exercise, before we were walking to dinner a few times now well we cant walk any where since our base is just housing and we cant walk off  base….
here is a tidbit of info i found interesting from American Girl in Japan
“As a sidenote, the articles fail to mention a few other facts you might find interesting. Fact 1 – the weekend that 2 military personnel received a DUI, 27 Okinawa nationals did. Fact 2 – According to a studydone by the World Fact Book and another study by the DOD, the actual % of crimes committed on Okinawa in the last 10 years by service members equals to .82% of all crime committed on Okinawa. Wait a minute. Read that again. Thats POINT 82. LESS THAN 1 %. Go forth and learn percentages and averages oh ye host nation. Naturally, that’s all I have to say about that as I have no comment. I mean, I’m just sayin’.”
with this i will leave you Paul is home and we need to decide wether to unpack or to spend more money. ha! like we need to spend more money.

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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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  1. So glad you stopped by! Nice to see someone else is frustrated with our perpetual lock down. 🙂

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