what’s it like to cook your own food?

before we go onto dinner, we’ll start with drinks, the following picture you may find disturbing, it is real, there is a real snake in that bottle of sake, i am under the impression it is called habu-sake. 

yeah gross. 
a few more quick notes.
1. there is KFC on other continents, and islands, here is proof:

2. i am silly (but i think i look pretty in this pic so i am sharing it.)

and now dinner, we found this cute little place that lets you cook your own food, its really neat, you order tons of raw food; beef, pork, veggies. and you cook them on this burner. COOL!

this beefy stuff was really good

here we are cooking our veggies, they were delicious, i cant wait to go back for more

and my steak, i didnt realise we ordered so much food, but it was fantastic. we had so much fun, that is until i made a total ass out of myself.

here is Pauls salad yum!

okay i guess we’ll go onto the ‘how to make an ass out of yourself in Okinawa’ story:
we are sitting at the table before our food arrives and we are inspecting the sauces, other menu’s (the ones in kanji) and other things at the table. and there is this little egg shaped thing, it actually come to think of it looks like a cordless computer mouse. except the top is clear, i was thinking it was like a magnifying glass that you slide the menu into and it magnifies it and lights it up so you can read it if you are old. so i am farting around with it and this kid comes to take our order. i dont know how to tell him that we already ordered, you know since i dont speak japanese and all. thankfully right then some of the food arrives. and i motion that we already ordered and he smiles and leaves. Paul figured he came because i had the menu in my hands. so we eat our lovely dinner. it was weird because we kept hearing this dinging and the waitstaff would run over to a table and take their order or get them re-fills. we couldn’t figure out how people were dinging, and how the staff knew where to go. so we go on and finish our dinner and are finishing our beers, getting ready to walk home and i still want to know what this egg thing is, so i start screwing with it again, and it doesn’t do anything! then i notice that in the background every time i squeeze this thing i hear a ding. ding, ding, ding, ding. i have now dinged the waitstaff, about 15 times. now as i look like a total ass, the waitress runs up and smiles, of course she doesn’t understand that i didnt know what the egg thing did, and i dont know how to tell her, so i turn bright red and order desert.  i was mortified. here i am the stupid american looking impatient and like a total jerk. 
i will still go back and now i at least know to not mess with the egg thing.


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