Okinawa here i am!

not much to say, i love japan, its great here, been a little windy, and its rained almost every day for a week, but we got our housing assignment and we move in tomorrow, our neighbors are cool, and its just great here. Taco has been in the kitty prison for a week now(the kennel) but we get him back thursday. i am so excited. here are some pictures to show you how great it is here:


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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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  1. Jenya says:

    a centipede! I have an unbeatable urge to tell you my favorite centipede joke, so here goes.So a guy wants a pet. “A pet that can do anything”, he says to a shop owner.”Hmm.. anything? How about a dog?””No, a dog can’t do -anything-“”A cat?””No””A bird..?””No”The shop owner motions him to wait, leaves, and comes back with a small box.”It’s a centipede. If you don’t like it – bring it back”The guy brings the thing home lets it out and says “Listen, could you clean my room?””Eh, sure..” He comes back in fifteen minutes and finds the place sparkling.”Wow,” says the guy “could you do make dinner too?””Yeah, no worries.”In half an hour, before him is an elaborate meal, beautifully served and blissfully fragrant.The guy eats and, happy as can be, asks the centipede to run across the street and bring him a beer and a newspaper.Half an hour passes, one hour passes, two hours, three hours…Guy (from the couch): “what the hell’s wrong with you?! I gave you a five-minute task three hours ago!””I’m going, I’m going.. I’m putting on my shoes!”

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