the weather the rest of the day was nothing short of shitty, mixed with snow, sleet and other white crap coming from the sky. by about ogden the weather finally cleared and we made it the rest of the way to logan. in logan we checked into our hotel and drove around Millville until we found Paul’s childhood home,
then we continued up to Preston ID to see my great aunt and have dinner with her. just as we were getting into Preston, it started to snow, again. sometime during our visit the snow stopped and we made it back to the hotel safe and sound.
Friday morning we awoke in our warm Logan Best Western to more snow, this time about an inch. we had errands to run, so we ran up to Utah State University, to get Paul’s dad a Christmas gift, then to Macey’s (its a grocery store) to get flowers for my grandfather, and an ice scraper. after our errands we went back to the hotel, packed up the feline, and got on the road, first stop was Franklin, Idaho . the cemetery first when you get into Idaho, on the left, all the way to the back, thats where grandpa is, Aunt Vicki has a headstone there but she is in the grand canyon. (yes i know spreading ashes in the grand canyon is illegal but i didn’t do it) i said hello, then goodbye. back on the road again.

I convinced Paul to drive up to Reeder Ranch, in Treasureton, ID, i spent several summers up at Reeder Ranch with my grandmother, and the Reeders (my grandmas sister is Naritta Reeder) we drove up to the ranch, which is much further from Preston than i remember, for about 10 miles i continued to tell Paul, its just around this bend. finally we found it and the memories flooded back, running up the hill on the quad. riding horses, playing with the cow dogs. being a kid was fun, i hope my children have an opportunity to have an experience like that. after we drove by the ranch we were finally on our way to Boise.
i slept for about an hour and a half, and now here we are, 44 miles from Boise, outside Mountain Home, on the road, i am writing this in Pages (apples word processing program) and i will cut and paste it into blogspot when we get net usage again. unfortunately
this post is worthless without pics so maybe i can find my USB cord at the same time and put my pictures onto here.

January 26, 2008

our arrival to Boise was uneventful, we got into town checked into the Shilo inn, which was nice, had a shower and then went to Rambo (opening night) with Benny, Pauls friend, went back to Benny’s house and the boys played ‘Rock Band’ and i played with the dogs, that was Boise, well except for the near death experience the following morning, but that was nothing more than some guy trying to make a left turn from the far right lane, nothing to out of the ordinary for us being in Mass, for the last three years. regardless it was actually terrifying to watch a lexus dart from the right lane in front of you, but thanks to Paul’s ‘ninja skillz, and evasive maneuvering we were able to drive away unharmed.
we made it to Moscow, ID after driving through the worst weather of the trip, miles of un-plowed, snow caked, hight mountain passes, and just pure crap on the roads, but we made it, we got the cat settled in here at the house, the first night we went to dinner in town at some nice Italian restaurant, it was great. Sunday night we did nothing more than lay around, i picked up on of Nancy’s books, ‘Wicked’ the weather was foul, we have been here nearly 72 hours and we have had almost 24 inches of snow, thats like one inch every three hours for you uneducated 🙂 and yea thats allot, and there aint no sign of it stopping. we are leaving a day early because of the shit.
Monday, we drove to down so i could get the net and we forgot why, i surfed for about a half an hour, went back to the house (no net at the house) then we remembered that we wanted to make hotel reservations. poop. we had an appointment to bring the cat in at 330 so we left a bit early got the cat taken care of and then searched for walmart & star bucks, both on the same street so i could do the net and Paul could get oil to change the oil in the Jeep. after over an hour we found walmart, and let me tell you this town is about 2 min, long so an hour searching is really quite funny. then we get to star bucks, and did you know, unless i did something wrong, t-mobile, who runs the hotspots for star bucks wifi charges? yeah aint that some shit, so i went on back to the place we were earlier that day got what i needed (phone-numbers) and went back to the house.

Today, well that was the rocking-est day of all, and thus far, for the last nearly six months has been the most exhausting,. today.. we went pheasant hunting, i got to trek around in 3-6 inches of snow for 5 hours trying to shoot a damn bird, and let me tell you… it was freaking great!!! i love it, i cant wait to go hunting agin! (pictures will come soon) i got two pheasants!

one i shot first then Nancy then Paul Sr and then the bird finally dropped, and the second, i accidentally shot early and that shit fell from the sky, it was like when you played duck-hunt on the old nintendo and the bird spiraled from the sky, yep thats how they really fall! it was the coolest thing ever. and the most exhausting, i had no… no idea how out of shape i was until today. well back to the gym for me i guess.


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  1. Wow, stumbled on your blog from Okinawa Hai. SO nice to see the Utah snow and the temple!! The sights that you miss when you have been on the Island for 1 1/2 years!! Hope you enjoy it here, we LOVE it!

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