weird dreams, great work, really sick

where to begin, okay i have been sick for something like 13 days now, and it sucks, i keep loosing my voice, i am producing more snot than a 3 year old, i cough like an old smoker, and i sleep like a new born. i am actually feeling a little better this morning, (afternoon) just a little better, still very snotty, but the sneezing has subsided.
weird dreams seem to torment me when i am sick, two nights ago they tore down nearly half the neighborhood i grew up in, all around the high school, it was quite strange looking, then it snowed and covered everything with this peaceful white blanket. then last night i was helping some little girl make a chicken, strawberry cake, with celery and she cut her finger, it was weird. it was also in my grandmothers living room, that would never happen. no food in grandmas living room.
i am quite proud of myself, i have been getting allot of praise at work for doing such a good job with my store, i am quite impressed with myself. my boss was in yesterday and just went on and on about how good i am doing, i felt great afterwards, don’t get me wrong i still cant wait to quit, but i am happy to leave on a good note.
i mentioned snow earlier, and it made me think, no matter how much i hate it here that is one thing i will never forget, how peaceful it is after it snows. i love the snow, when i don’t have to shovel it, it is so beautiful.


About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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One Response to weird dreams, great work, really sick

  1. Homer says:

    yeah one does have weird dreamz when one is sick…..!!

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