Today we ventured to Sturbridge for a Renaissance Faire. it was small but i guess it’s only the second year they have done it. it was cute we got some little things for the garden and we had a roasted turkey leg. there was lots of silly people dressed up in silly costumes, and everyone kept calling me ‘my lady’ i thought it was cute. but after i nearly removed my toe with a shopping cart yesterday i wasnt much for walking around. we left after about an hour. and took the senic route home. went to Michaels so i could get a circular size ten bamboo needle. then we stopped by the grocery store to get some stuff for our kabobs tonight. and well thats about it for today. Paul is playing FFXI and i am considering it, or perhaps knitting. i have been crocheting a blanket for a preggo friend but i am really unhappy with the way it is looking i will take it apart and start over one last time but if i dont like it this time i am going to make my own pattern. maybe i will do that anyway.


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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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