the other day i made the cobbler, it was suprisingly good, i dont know what i expected but it was good, today i made cookies, they are good too. not too sure why i am on a baking kick, but its fun, just not good for my fat ass. maybe i’ll run this evening? i say that every day…. maybe i’ll just stay pleasantly plump. i am washing my bathroom rug right now, we may have company tonight so i am trying to straitin up, yeah we’ll see how that goes. i want to cook out, but its hot, really hot, like hotter than tucson hot, well not hotter, just humid so its nasty feeling, you cant excape it. blah. we are going down to VA in a few weeks, i cant wait. today is my day off and somehow work managed to make thismorning suck, i hate fucking whiny ass bitches, i wont go into it but if this bitch trys to tattle on me again i am going to fire her ass. the reason she is lonely and has no friends or SO is because she is a crabby, whiny, bitch and she royaly pissed me off today. fuck her.
okay not sure where that came from but it felt good. other than that today has been well, we got a fire pit, went to home depot and had a good ol time, my husband is a poop face but i can manage. thats all.


About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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