Working Sundays

I work every sunday and i dont really like it, i used to work saturdays and i envied the sunday manager, then i got promoted to sundays, and i must say though having Friday/Saturday off is nice, working sundays blows, all the good things happen saturday night. and since my realization (thanks to my husband) that i am boring and dont like to have as much fun as i used to, i have started to do more with my spare time, last weekend we went bowling and then to the rumbleseat with Megan. this weekend we went to the rumbleseat again and we went to Enfield, CT for dinner. i wanted to go bowling but poop head husband didnt want to go, plus we were going to go with Tiffany and Mike but Mike had duty & Tiff hurt her back. Yesterday was a wonderful day though, i loved it. Webbs had an Anniversary sale and i got so much freaking yarn it isnt funny. I think i got about 40 skeins for about $1.75 each (i can do math!!) it was great. then i napped for a few hours and played bubble bobble until 10ish.

I started a new book last night i only got through the first chapter but so far its about a woman who moved to japan for school and her mentor has passed away, she left her a trunk full of wine one bottle for the last 30+ years. and there is writing on all of the bottles in calligraphy so she needs to get a translator. so far its good.

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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